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  1. Projects funded by KfW
  1.   Const. of 01 MW HPP Chalt Nagar (Rehabilitation) at a cost of  Rs. 132.010 million 
  2. Const.  of 02 MW HPP Sumayar Nagar (Remolding) at a cost of Rs. 696.898 million
  3. Up grad. of 1.20 MW HPS Hassanabad-I to 1.50 MW at a cost of Rs. 158.323 million
  4. 02 MW HPP Batura Passu, Gojal Hunza at a cost of Rs. 712.972 million
  5. Accompanying Measures of 34.5 MW HPP Harpo Skardu” at a cost of EUR. 1.5 Million

2. Projects by Aga Khan fund for Economic Development (AKFED)

 The Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) , a subsidiary institution of AKFED intends to construct  2.8 MW Low Head Hydro Power Project   at Ganish Hunza in the first phase on PPP   basis.

3. Micro Hydel Projects by AKRSP
 An MoU to be signed between Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) and W&P Department GB  contains 50 potential sites with a total installed capacity of 17,400 kW. The size of projects ranges between 150 kW to 2000 kW costing PKR. 5642.25 million.

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