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Water and Power Division Government of Gilgit Baltistan

Welcome to Water & Power Department Government of Gilgit Baltistan

Water & Power Department Gilgit-Baltistan established in the year 2005. The Department provides electricity to the population (1.5 million) of Gilgit-Baltistan stretched over an area of 72000 sq km. Total installed capacity of Hydro Electricity in 2005 was 50 MW against the total demand of over 150 MW.  The Department soon after its establishment enhanced the installed capacity by 120 MWs within a span of 15 years period.  The total installed capacity is 170 MWs, besides installation of a vast network of TD lines constituting about 10,000 km in addition to the development of other allied components. Generation is still insufficient as compared to corresponding demand. The Department is following a massive plan to overcome the existing shortfall of electricity in GB.


Computerized Billing Section, Water & Power Complex Near KIU Main Campus 15100


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